Leading Structural and Mechanical Engineering Consultants with over 20 Years Experience

Welcome to the home page of Invent Design, a specialist provider of mechanical and structural design solutions. Invent Design specialise in mechanical and civil/structural design and drafting services.

The mechanical and structural engineering consultants at our Brisbane office have helped several clients to successfully complete design projects which have dramatically impacted procedural efficiency in a wide range of operations. Past projects include coal mining infrastructure, steel beam rotators and mine component handling products to name a few, demonstrating the diversity of our expertise and the scope of our structural and mechanical engineering services.

Our firm is dedicated to exceeding the needs of our clients through innovative design and delivering in a timely fashion. We encourage clear and open communication with our customers from design inception through to delivery. You deserve to work with mechanical and structural engineersin Brisbane who are truly committed to helping you meet project timelines and objectives; with Invent Design, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Our company utilises the latest in 3D parametric modelling and we draw upon an experienced team of designers and engineers to ensure we deliver to your expectations. You may be surprised at what’s possible with our suite of software; you’ll be able to visualise how new parts and systems will fit into your operations, and our designers will be able to refine their work more efficiently.

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