3D Parametric Modelling & Engineering Drafting Services | Brisbane, Australia

drafting services Australia3D modelling is an exciting stage in the design process of any new part, product or system. It’s the first opportunity for the designer and/or client to see what their brand new product will look like, and have a clear idea of how it will function once produced. Unlike traditional methods of engineering drafting and shop drawing, it’s more intuitive and allows for better visualisation and therefore better revision, cutting down on total project time.

Exceptional results from state-of-the-art drafting services

Invent Design is proud to offer some of the most advanced, visually impressive 3D modelling and engineering  drafting and shop detailing services in Brisbane and throughout Australia. We use the latest in 3D parametric solid modelling, the most flexible modelling technique available. Parametric modelling goes beyond the simple appearance of the object and sees it as a complete system, factoring in material density, component dimensions and formulas to describe feature properties and more. This allows the viewer to see the modelled object from any angle, and permits easy modification of different parts of the model and how they are defined relative to each other. It also allows the user to extract information such as the weight of the product. Some of the many advantages of using this method are:

  • Better capture of design intent
  • Easier design revisions
  • Better visualisation
  • Efficient drawing production
  • Better integration with downstream applications
  • Reduced engineering cycle time

Our models are used to produce traditional 2D shop drawings & detailing if required and are ideally suited for integration with downstream applications.

Discuss your drafting needs with our team

Invent Design provides a range of services for organisations in a variety of industries. From machine and equipment design to structural engineering certification and shop detailing, we help to ensure that your business is at its most productive. Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to develop solutions that increase the profitability and efficiency of your business, helping you succeed and realise your business goals now and into the future.

Based in Brisbane, we also offer 3D engineering modelling and drafting services, as well as other design services, to other parts of Australia as well – get in touch with us to find out more. Send us a message through our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or call us on 0423 502 751 to start a conversation.