Why Use Us?

At Invent Design, we have a great reputation for consistently high quality work. We have produced a series of questions and answers to help you understand how we can assist you. Explore these points and contact our team to learn more.

Q. How do I know that Invent Design will deliver this project on time?
A: It is critical for most projects that they are delivered on time so that it does not delay your plans resulting in a potential financial impact. Invent Design utilise proven systems to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Q. How do I know that Invent Design’s proposal will be commercially viable for our business?
A: The best proposal in the world is of little value to a company if is not commercially viable. We strive to ensure that you will be able to achieve multiple return on your investment. In additional we can provide alternative options when budget is constrained.

Q. Who will I be dealing with within the business?
A: For many large consultancies you may not be dealing with the key decision makers for the project. With Invent Design you be dealing directly with the director and lead engineers so that any issues and variations can be dealt with instantly.

Q. What are your response time like?
A: Large organisations can often lead to delayed responses. At Invent Design it is our objective to respond within one business wherever practical although our average time is within half a business day.

Q. What makes Invent Design products and services so different?
A: Communication is key! That, combined with our proven proprietary processes means that we are able to deliver the result you are looking for first time every time. In fact our track record for delivering as expected or beyond first time is over 95%.

Invent Design

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