Structural Engineering Certification

If you are required to obtain an engineer’s certificate for local/state government purposes, we can assist. We offer certification of structural components to ensure they comply with relevant Australian Standards. Our engineers are RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland) qualified and can provide a certificate and report as necessary. Our qualifications and experience mean your certificate and/or report will have the level of detail necessary to minimise delays in your application.

Many structures are required by law to meet certain minimum Australian Standards for safety, security and durability. The Building Code of Australia, which is made up of volumes 1 and 2 of the National Construction Code, requires that building proposals be accompanied by certificates in support of the fact that the material, form of construction, and/or design meets a performance requirement. Whilst some developments/designs are self-assessable or exempt, such as tool sheds, short retaining walls and shorter fences (not including pool fences), and maintenance on an existing building, many require a certificate before they can be approved. For example, if you’re building a storm shelter or other such durable building, you may be required to have a certificate or report from an engineer stating that the choice of materials for the exterior is appropriate.

We are happy to provide a competitive quote for structural engineering certification

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