Design and Detailing of mechanical equipment of various components throughout the Brisbane plant.

Hedweld Group

Design, Certification and Detailing of mechanical equipment of various products for their Trilift and Safeway product lines.
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OTOC Group

Design, Detailing and coordination of services and infrastructure for remote area installations. Refer OTOC for more information.


Design of Pipe Lifting Brackets for Concrete plants

Rio Tinto Yarwun, Gladstone

Detailed Design and Drafting for:
Large platform spanning between and tying into two existing tanks
Pipe crossovers and valve maintenance platforms tying into existing infrastructure
Maintenance Monorails for large valve removal added to existing infrastructure
Agitator Platforms revised to replace out-dated design
Tundish Floor Drains to suit existing platforms

Glencore, Mt Isa

Extensive Shop Detail checking for the George Fisher Mine Expansion

Glencore, Newlands Coal

Levee 5 Structural Design and Drafting of Concrete Walls and Slipgate
Levee 5 Civil Arrangement and Details
Sommerled Dam Structural Design and Drafting of Headwalls and Discharge Pipes
Sommerled Dam Civil Arrangement and Details

Glencore, Oaky Creek Coal

Aquila Pit Levees Civil and Structural Design and Drafting
Lake Leghorn Structural Design and Drafting of Headwalls and Discharge Pipes
Lake Leghorn Civil Arrangement and Details

Signature Joinery

2T Cage for Lifting Furniture Up Several Floors on Apartment Buildings.