Efficient Conveyor Design

We have now advanced our conveyor design system by our new collaboration with Efficient Conveyor Design (ECD). In conjunction with ECD we have developed a modular and parametric belt conveyor design system as a primary tool for delivery of conveyor project designs, with the benefit of substantially reducing costs and schedule. The capabilities of existing proprietary software packages have been linked via specially developed software, and are used to provide an integrated design control and delivery package, encompassing:

  • Technical Procurement Documentation
  • Engineering Calculations
  • Functional Description
  • 3D Models
  • Design Drawings
  • Shop Detail Drawings
  • Material & Equipment Lists

ECD - Conventional Comparison

For more information please visit the Efficient Conveyor Design website.

Concrete Reinforcement in Inventor

Up until now designers have struggled to do concrete reinforcement drawings without divorcing the drawing from the model. This has meant that concrete drawings have had to be reworked many times to ensure that they align with the steelwork models. This technique demonstrates our method of parametric reinforcement which is always linked to the model and drawing, thus eliminating the issue of having the concrete drawings ‘disconnected’ from the 3D Inventor model.


We recently unveiled our system Convey FX. It is the Invent Design system for the design and modelling of materials handling conveyors. This flexible system utilises a library of complete conveyor components that allow entire conveyors to be reproduced in a fraction of the time of most existing design practices.

The Convey FX library contains all of the primary components that make up a conveying system. These components can be customised to suit project requirements. This eliminates the need to re-design, re-model and re-document conveyors and their sub components on each new project.

The Convey FX system utilises a set of rules that allows components to be taken from its extensive library and inserted into any new conveyor which is geometrically and parametrically linked to the master conveyor layout. This method allows the master conveyor layout to still maintain top down control of all of its sub components. For more information head to the ConveyFX page on our site.

Innovation and Flexibility

Today’s market dictates that engineering companies need to be a lot more flexible than they have been in the past. Major consultancies need to adapt to a volatile market by adopting innovative ideas and turning their traditional design methods on their head. Click on this article for more on this hot topic.